Campaign Against Violence

I facilitated discussions for Campaign Against Violence (CAV) at table 9.
Begun by Brian Muldoon, the Campaign Against Violence (CAV) is a Flathead Valley initiative to address violence in our community. Love Lives Here has been a supporter of this initiative since it’s inception.
CAV had it’s first public event November 2nd at Whitefish Lodge. Several presenters spoke, followed by facilitated discussions. Students and teachers from Whitefish School District attended. The goal was to raise the community awareness of how violence begins and what might be done to reduce it, especially in schools. Several Love Lives Here members served as facilitators during the discussions. As I said, I was at table 9.
The presenters were Dr. Heather Davis Schmidt, Superintendent of the Whitefish School District, FVCC professor of psychology Dr. Ivan Lorentzen, FVCC sociologist Dr. Ami Megalav, and Dr. Marlene Snyder, national authority on bullying prevention.
Several students and teachers expressed interest in continuing their involvement and will be contacted by CAV. They’re help will surely be welcome.
The next CAV event is expected to take place in the spring and will address domestic violence.
So many great things about that day. For one, I saw lots of great participation, by both teachers and students. One of the CAV goals is to increase awareness of violence in our community, a necessary first step to addressing it, and I felt that after listening to the speakers and discussions that day, the students and teachers definitely came away realizing that patterns of violence can and do start in our schools.
Will Hiatt, Treasurer, Love Lives Here
See the Beacon article.

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